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Our range is carefully selected with your child in mind! Safety is paramount and every product conforms to Australian safety standards. Consideration is also given to ensure our wooden toys are stimulating, educational, fun to use and value for money.

Have a look at some of our best sellers!

Personalised Wooden Name Train


Have you been looking for the perfect baby or toddler gift? Combine the train carriages to make a unique and personal name train that will be treasured.

Simply select the letters to make the name, add a Train Engine and End Carriage and you’re done!

The PERSONALISED WOODEN NAME TRAIN looks stunning as a decorative item but is also great fun to play with.


Wooden Fruit Set in Carry Case by Kaper Kidz


Young children learn about the world around them by practicing things that they see around the home. This gorgeous WOODEN FRUIT SET IN CARRY CASE by KAPER KIDZ contains 11 pieces of wooden fruit, a wooden cutting knife and a wooden cutting board. Imagine how much fun it will be to cut up some healthy fruit for a pretend morning tea! Pack it all away in the Carry Case, ready for next time.

Have a look at our Wooden Train Set in Carry Case, Construction Playset in Carry Case, Wooden Farm Set in Carry Case and Wooden Sweet Treats Set in Carry Case

Handmade Wooden Log Truck by QToys

HANDMADE WOODEN LOG TRUCK by QTOYSHow often do you find classic handmade wooden toys these days?

This large wooden log truck is part of the QToys Steiner inspired range, made from eco friendly plantation timber to a very high standard.

Also available as a Cargo Truck, Flat Bed Truck, Cattle Truck and a Car Carrier Truck.

Magnetic Fishing Game in Tin

MAGNETIC FISHING GAME IN TIN by KAPER KIDZIf you are looking for small wooden games to take on holiday, post as a present or play at home, the Magnetic Fishing Game in Tin is a fantastic choice!

There are 10 sea creatures, 2 fishing rods and felt pond in the compact metal tin. Great for developing coordination and concentration while having fun!

Fun Factory Dress Up Girl

FUN FACTORY DRESS UP GIRLI Love Wooden Toys has a fantastic range of wooden puzzles for kids including knob puzzles, tray puzzles, shape puzzles and interlocking puzzles.

We also have a selection of mix and match puzzles like the Fun Factory Dress Up Girl and the Dress Up Bear Wooden Puzzle

These lovely mix and match puzzles encourage your child to select outfits that match, or make funny combinations. Each set comes in a wooden storage box with a sliding lid.

Bee Maraca and Tambourine Set

BEE MARACA AND TAMBOURINE SETDid you know that musical activities stimulate development in every area of a child’s brain? When children play with musical toys they are not just making noise, they are learning rhythm, tone, coordination, concentration, listening and fine motor skills.

This gorgeous wooden set is part of our Let’s Make Music range.


Natural Wooden Blocks


Blocks are a fantastic toy! Children can combine them to build something different every time. They can also be combined with existing toys such as trucks, cars, farm animals, dinosaurs or whatever else they choose.

We have a variety of wooden blocks including this set of Natural Wooden Blocks available with a plain or coloured finish. These eco friendly, non toxic blocks are by QToys and come in a sturdy storage tray. Great for home, school, daycare, Montessori and Steiner environments.

Striped Maracas Rattle by Kaper Kidz

STRIPED MARACAS RATTLEThe gorgeous STRIPED MARACAS RATTLE by KAPER KIDZ is one of our most popular toys for babies.

It is lightweight, has a smooth finish and easy grip handle. Roll it along, hang it or shake it gently for very young infants. Babies will love to watch the stripes move as the rattle shakes and makes a lovely gentle sound.


Dear Little Letterbox


Your child will be delighted with their very own DEAR LITTLE LETTERBOX. Inspire their creativity and writing skills by writing letters, sending notes and special messages.

Which colour will you choose?

Our lovely Dear Little Mailbox, Dear Little Diary and Dear Little Treasure Box are also beautifully detailed little sets which make cherished gifts.


Special Occasion Gift Ideas

Looking to get your child an extra special gift? Here are a couple of our favourites.

Hape Four Stage Rocket Ship


Imagine the hours of fun to be had with this beautifully detailed wooden toy. The 20 piece Hape Four Stage Rocket Ship has a lift off rocket, astronaut, alien, lunar vehicle, greenhouse and much more.

This fantastic toy is freestanding and can be played with from all sides. The accessories and thoughtful design ensures that this toy will become a firm favourite.

If you have been looking for the perfect present, this has to be it!


Hape Car Park Garage With Cars


There is always lots going on in the Hape Car Park Garage With Cars.

This complete playset includes the garage as well as the Hape Mini Vehicles Set (377499). Drive the cars up and down the ramps or use the lift! Watch out, the Helicopter is taking off from the Helipad!

Ideal for home, daycare, kindy or pre school play areas!


 Hape Rock-A-Bye Baby Wooden Cradle


The sturdy HAPE ROCK-A-BYE BABY WOODEN CRADLE has a classic, simple design so that dolls can easily be lifted in and out.

Create a complete doll care environment with the matching Hape Baby Doll HighchairHape Wooden Baby Stroller & Hape Baby Changing Table

This selection is wonderful for home, daycare, kindy or group play environments.

Goge 5 IN 1 Activity Cube

Goge 5 in 1 Activity CubeThe Goge 5 in 1 Activity Cube has so many things for busy babies and toddlers to do. Post the shapes, turn the gear wheels, count the numbers on the clock face, play with the bead maze and more!

The language opportunities are endless with the Goge 5 in 1 Activity Cube. Can you see the worm’s smiley face? The beads are on the top. They go up and down, round and round. I can see the red circle, blue triangle and yellow square.

This wooden toddler toy would make a lovely gift. Order from our Free Delivery range now!


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