16th Sep 2017

I have had the pleasure of attending a Maggie Dent talk full of humour, real stories about everyday families, common sense and practical advice. What an inspiring woman who believes in a relaxed and positive approach to raising children in […]

4th May 2017

HOW DOES AFTERPAY AUSTRALIA WORK? I Love Wooden Toys is pleased to offer a range of payment methods so you can choose the one that’s best for you. You can select payment by EFT, Paypal, COD and now Afterpay. Haven’t heard […]

19th Apr 2017

Cuisenaire Rods have been around since the 1950’s and are currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Why is this? When you think about it today’s children are surrounded by screens. They can learn a lot from visual media but still […]

27th Feb 2017

It’s astonishing to think that from the day your baby is born you only have 260 SATURDAYS UNTIL THEY ARE FIVE YEARS OLD Just 260… According to a report in the Daily Mail published in April 2015 the average British family spends just […]

30th Dec 2016

Let’s have a look at AUSTRALIAN TOY STANDARDS AS/NZS ISO8124. It is wonderful to meet parents, grandparents and children when I do markets throughout the Perth metropolitan area. I get to meet some fantastic people, showcase the range and see what appeals […]

16th Oct 2016

Do you remember getting your first android or iphone and thinking “wow this is different”. You probably discarded the manual and started pushing buttons. Before long you could send messages, download the Facebook app, set up your emails and use […]

16th Aug 2016

CHOOSING TOYS FROM BIRTH TO UNDER 3 YEARS OLD is not easy. There is an overwhelming amount of information, misinformation and marketing hype on our screens, where we shop and the catalogues we browse. The most important thing to consider […]

13th Jul 2016

Qtoys is part of the Quins Group, an Australian owned company founded by Dr. Quan Nguyen and Cathy Dang, M.Ed. Their team includes artists, teachers, engineers and industrial designers focused on the educational value, design quality and enjoyment of each and every product. […]

8th May 2016

You only have to watch a baby rock to a musical beat, or see their eyes light up when playing with a musical toy to appreciate how much they enjoy music. But it’s not until you start to research the […]

19th Apr 2016

Have you ever asked yourself WHY SHOULD MY CHILD DO PUZZLES? Children are drawn to puzzles because they are enjoyable. They probably don’t realise that while doing puzzles, children are developing in each of the 3 main learning areas. COGNITIVE SKILLS […]