Babies, Toddlers and children love Art & Craft as it helps them to explore and understand the world around them.

From birth babies love looking at faces, initially mum and dad but they are also fascinated by images of people and animals. This progresses to focusing on, and interacting with things that they see in everyday life. Imagine life through their eyes! What do they taste like, how do they feel?

This is when early Art & Craft comes in

Babies run their fingers through sand at the beach or in the park, enjoy the sensation of water on their body in the bath or rub their legs on grass just to see what it feels like.  This progresses to building sand castles (and knocking them down), finger painting (as well as eating and wearing the paint) and more structured Art & Craft activities.

Have a look at some of the Art & Craft products stocked by I Love Wooden Toys

  • Farm Tap A Shape, Wooden Tap A Shape Hammer Toy & Fairy Tap A Shape Toy – make a different picture every time by hammering small wooden shapes onto a corkboard. Ideal for hand eye coordination, fine motor skill development, logical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Threading & Lacing – Consider one of our lacing toys to help with fine motor skills, manipulation and hand eye coordination. Lacing Animals are designed for very young children using a large wooden threader and string. Our very popular knitting dolls are suitable from 3 years of age.
  • Cuisenaire Rods – These are fantastic for making pictures, patterns and building constructions. Start to introduce early maths by comparing and combining rods, moving to simple equations and learning fractions.
  • Furniture, Large Toys & Educational Resources – Have a look at our range of quality wooden Tables & Chairs, Art Easels and more to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your child while they explore their creativity.

At the end it’s not important if your child doesn’t end up with a finished product. The most important thing is for them to have explored, created and had fun doing Art & Craft

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