Building & Construction toys such as blocks, snow puzzles, connector and construction sets are valuable learning toys. As well as developing gross and fine motor skills, manipulation, hand eye coordination, logical thinking and problem solving, they also teach the basics of literacy and numeracy.

Literacy is not just reading and writing, it encompasses all forms of communication, listening, talking and storytelling. When a child starts constructing with blocks they are developing logical thought processes along with cause and effect. When they start to talk about up, up, up as they are building and “CRASH” as they knock the construction over, they are developing their communication skills. Studies have shown that an environment that includes this type of play encourages confidence and a natural interest in reading and writing.

Numeracy skills start to develop through identifying large and small objects, measuring, sorting and categorising and recognising patterns. When a child looks for the long Building & Construction piece to build a bridge between two blocks they are going through the process of recognising a problem, considering the options and using logical thinking to solve the problem. This contributes to learning the basics of numeracy.

Our range of wooden Building & Construction toys is continuing to grow and features a range of options. You may prefer natural wooden blocks or select some colourful blocks in a wagon – it’s your choice!

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