Sprinkle some magic and combine imagination with practicality when you discover the range from Dear Little Designs.

It includes thoughtfully designed products such as Dear Little Letterbox, Dear Little Mailbox, Dear Little Diary and Dear Little Treasure Box.

Each item is sure to delight. Open it up to reveal cute little notepads, envelopes, stickers, pencils or padlocks. What will your package contain?DEAR LITTLE DESIGNS

There are lots of colours to choose from that have been carefully chosen to complement your child’s room decor or enhance a playroom. The¬†Dear Little Letterbox and Dear Little Mailbox range from bold Red to pastel Pink, monochrome Black to pristine White. You can rest assured that these gorgeous wooden toys will never go out of fashion.

Imagine how exciting is is for young children to write and send letters as well as their delight when something arrives for them in their very own letterbox. They will only be limited by their imagination and creativity. Letters to Santa, messages to the Tooth Fairy, notes for Mum and pictures for Nanna & Pop will be lovingly written. You never know, the Fairies might just write back!



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