All of our toys are educational! Things like puzzles, vehicles and rattles stimulate children in different ways and stages of development.

You may be looking for something that has been specifically designed to improve numeracy, literacy or sensory skills. The EDUCATIONAL TOYS you will find here are just some examples of these types of toys.MY WOODEN CLOCK CALENDAR

What makes a good educational toy?

These are a few things that you might like to consider when selecting toys:

  1. It challenges your child and holds their attention.
  2. Can be used in a number of different ways and will integrate with other toys.
  3. Is age appropriate, not too challenging or too easy to use.
  4. Stimulates the sense of smell – consider the natural smell of wooden toys
  5. Stimulates the sense of taste – babies and small children learn about their world by initially putting toys straight into their mouth – imagine the taste and texture of a wooden toy compared to plastic.
  6. Stimulates the sense of touch – children love to run their fingers across different textures and finishes. They love to feel wheels as they roll along the palm of their hand or up a leg.
  7. Stimulates the sense of hearing – you only need to see a babies face light up when they hear a gentle rattle to know that it is pleasant and interesting.
  8. Stimulates the sense of sight – watching things roll along, stack up, turn around, not fit! appear, disappear, come towards you, roll away must be fascinating for babies and small children.


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