Babies and small children love listening to music, moving to music, singing songs and making sounds. We have a wide variety of music toys suitableĀ from birth onwards so Let’s Make Music!Let's Make Music

A study by scientists at the University of Helsinki has shown that babies exposed to music in the womb can remember a song for up to 4 months after they are born. Other studies have revealed that babies respond to the theme song from their mother’s favourite soap opera. No wonder children’s musical toys, CD’s and children’s TV shows are so popular.

Your baby, toddler or small child likes to listen and copy what they have heard. Baby babble develops into squealing, blowing raspberries, humming and chattering. Often babies and toddlers will “sing” while playing, in the car or going to sleep. They will start to join in with nursery rhymes and as their memory and vocabulary develops they will remember all the words as well as the actions.

Musical rattles and toys are designed to help babies and children express themselves by making music and exploring the different sounds.

Our Let’s Make Music range includes everything from small wooden baby rattles to triangles, xylophones, bell sticks, maracas and large musical kits.

You only have to see a babies face light up when they listen to a Bell Shaker rattling it’s bells, or a toddler banging away at a xylophone to see how much fun it is! They are also learning rhythm and pitch along with developing gross and fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, manipulation and memory skills.

Why not check out our music toys range now!

Let's Make Music - Patterned Hand ClusterMI079G Red & Blue Owl 7 Piece Music Set

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