Games & PuzzlesPuzzles & Games continue to be one of the most popular children’s educational toys today.


Young children are enchanted with puzzle images, colours and shapes and delight in the sense of achievement they get when they can put a puzzle together. This feeling of completing a task is fabulous for their emotional development and encourages them to strive for more challenging tasks.

Start out by introducing very simple knob¬†puzzles when you child shows interest in images. Describe what you can see and how to the pieces are removed and put back in again. Once they have tasted the puzzle pieces they will probably wave them around in the air! Eventually your child will coordinate their grasp and release skills to be able to pick up the pieces and let them go again. Now the challenge is to get them into the right place and also the right way round. It is best to “do the puzzle with them” at first and as your child develops, they will eventually master the simplest peg puzzles.

PM110 Hand PuzzleOnce they can complete puzzles with 4-6 pieces, start to introduce puzzles with more pieces and more complex images. The pieces start to get smaller and the images more interesting often including counting, numerals or letters. Imagine what information they are soaking up as they examine the pieces and complete the puzzle!

There is an amazing array of skills that are being developed when your child does puzzles including hand eye coordination, manipulation and fine motor skills along with memory and problem solving. Language and social skills are also developing as they recognise and talk about familiar and unfamiliar objects.

They are also great fun to do over and over and over again!

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Playing games is fun! Playing games is social and interactive! Playing games is rewarding!

Playing games also teaches young children the concept of rules, how to follow rules and taking turns. While they try to beat their opponent they are learning visual and memory skills. When they count numbers on a dice, move tokens, build stacks, try not to knock things down, match things and join things together they are developing a wide range of physical and mental skills.

Our range of games includes card games, board games, token games and wooden games with something for everyone. Make your selection from our range and see who wins at your house!

Puzzles & Games are great for holiday fun, hot or rainy weekends or kicking back and relaxing with family and friends!

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