Society is becoming more aware of the benefits of wooden toys, and with the amount of easily accessible information available parents are making informed choices.

Some of the top reasons they are making a resurgence are:

  • They last longer than plastic toys
  • Often they can be repaired, repainted and revitalised
  • They are better for the environment, most quality wooden toys are made from plantation timber
  • Their antibacterial qualities of wood vs plastic are well documented making them a safer option for children
  • Wooden toys are more natural looking, feel better and taste different to plastic
  • Wooden Toys are free from toxins such as BPA and PVC

Our range of wooden toys will never need batteries, are chosen for their play and educational value and promote imaginative play.

They all comply with, or exceed Australian Standards, are manufactured from quality materials and finished to a high standard.

Every wooden toy in our stock range is included here!

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